Phacoemulsification Handpieces

We have fully refurbished phacoemulsification handpieces available for purchase. Please contact for details and availability upon ordering as stocks may vary.

7-301 Alcon Centurion Ozil handpiece

7-302 Alcon Infiniti Ozil handpiece
7-303 Alcon Infiniti Ultrasonic handpiece
7-201 Alcon Legacy Turbosonics handpiece
7-202 Alcon Accurus handpiece
7-203 Alcon Accurus Frag handpiece
7-101 Alcon Universal I/II handpiece
7-102 Alcon 10,000 handpiece
7-401 B&L Stellaris handpiece
7-501 B&L Millennium handpiece
7-601 B&L Premiere/Protégé handpiece
7-602 B&L Premiere Frag handpiece
7-701 AMO Ellips handpiece
7-801 AMO Sovereign handpiece
7-802 AMO WhiteStar handpiece
7-902 AMO Diplomax Series 4 handpiece

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Alcon Infiniti Ozil Handpiece
Alcon Centurion Ozil Handpiece
AMO Sovereign Handpiece
Bausch & Lomb Stellaris Handpiece
AMO Ellips FX Handpiece