Phacoemulsification Handpiece Repairs

Our highly trained technicians have more than 20 years comprised experience within the ophthalmic industry. We take great pride in rendering your surgical instruments to as-new condition and function. Our ISO 9001 Certified laboratory fully documents the arrival of each handpiece, evaluates the condition of the incoming handpiece, and presents the evaluation results to our clients for approval. Once approved for repair, each handpiece is fully rebuilt replacing all interior components with brand new parts. These components include the crystals, electrodes, o-rings, seals, molded strain relief, wire/cord, connector, resistors and any coded chips. The handpiece is then placed through a series of rigorous diagnostic tests to ensure it meets all OEM specifications. Warranty period is documented in our software system.

Common Questions

Q. Do you perform partial repairs?

No. We have found that one defective component usually compromises the reliability of other components. We have found it more cost effective for the customer to simultaneously replace all components with brand new parts. This eliminates the downtime of the handpiece.

Q. What are the lead times?

Lead times depend on the model of the handpiece. General turnaround times are within 2-5 business days.

Q. Do you provide a warranty?

Yes, each handpiece is accompanied with a 6-month warranty upon rebuild.

Q. How do I proceed to send in a phaco handpiece for repair?

We request that you obtain an RGA prior to shipment. This RGA will help us better document the arrival of the handpiece and expedite the evaluation process upon receipt. Upon receipt, the technicians will fully evaluate the condition of the handpiece. We will then contact you with our findings before proceeding with the rebuild.

Established customers can also request that their handpieces be pre-approved for rebuild. The repair turnaround time is slightly decreased.

Our laboratory can rebuild the following brands of phacoemulsification handpieces.

  • Alcon
  • DORC
  • Bausch & Lomb
  • Optikon
  • AMO

The above referenced companies are registered trademarks of the respective companies.

Alcon Centurion Ozil Handpiece
Alcon Infiniti Ozil Handpiece
B&L Stellaris Handpiece
AMO Ellips FX Handpiece